• Meg Pasz

Kids. They're Just Like Us.

Just because you avoid the mirror doesn't mean that piece of spinach isn't still in your teeth.

It's hard, parenting. The thing is, most of our generation worked hard to get there, following a solid decade(s) of birth control, liver damage and the illusion of time. We had children later than our parents did. We really wanted to succeed at it, and many of us struggled to do so. Yet, when it finally happened, we immediately became victims of highly strategic marketing campaigns, designed to make us feel unspeakably insufficient.

No plastic, no gluten, no dairy, no nuts, no dyes, no yelling, no screens. If you do it right, you'll end up with the kind of humans that start non-profits while attending Ivy League schools. At least.

Work or stay at home? Breastfeed or formula? Which camp are you in? What are your "values?"

There's room for everyone, ladies! Just be present. Breathe. There's nothing kale can't solve. Lean in. Use Your Words. Do Your Best.

The thing is, we are. We're all doing more than we ever imagined. And what we "end up" with is...wait for it. Humans.

Just. Like. Us.

Now that I'm a middle-aged lady, I've basically figured it out. It's a mess. And (I see you, Instagram influencers) so are you. The beauty that emanates from a kid trying hard at absolutely anything is exponentially more powerful than perfection. Also, it is perfection.

This week, when things get messy and I start to break into my riveting "how to behave" monologue, I'm going to find a mirror. What I'll find that wasn't there before. Dammit. Also, flaws and triumphs and really good intentions.

Onward, ladies.

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